Saying Goodbye

It’s been seven years since my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia.

For those unfamiliar, dementia is not a specific disease, but a term to describe a wide range of symptoms. These include loss of memory, communication, language, reasoning, judgement and visual perception.

Over the past seven years, I have seen my grandpa suffer from all of the above. Vivid and terrifying hallucinations. Physical aggression due to confusion. Concussions, bruises and stitches from falls. Forgetting his family and friends. Forgetting the english language altogether. It’s difficult to see a man who was so strong and independent, become a shell of himself within just a few short years.

The truth is, even though his body is still here, I said goodbye to the man I love a long time ago.

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The Best Good Friday – Surprise Mumford Show!

Hello readers! Thank you for bearing with me the past few months as I get this blog off the ground. Although I’m only employed part time at the moment, my days are usually devoted to applying for full time work – a full time job in itself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the feedback I’ve received from friends, asking for more frequent posts – so I’m going to try to make the extra effort to please my (tiny) fan base!

I received a very unique e-mail on Thursday night from Mumford & Sons. They would be playing a surprise show on Friday night at Lee’s Palace, a small venue in the Annex of Toronto I was out with friends and had no access to a computer, so I had already given up all hope that I would be going. And then Friday morning, a miracle happened. Some very, very kind friends of mine managed to snag an extra pair of tickets and offered them to me.

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Review: Nice Is Just A Place in France

home-widget-image-text-1I’ve been a faithful reader of the website Betches Love This since 2011. Their Bachelor recaps and gossip columns are always good for a laugh. So it stands to reason that I should have loved their book, Nice Is Just A Place In France. It was published in 2013, and since then I’ve seen loads of posts on Instagram with the cover of the book neatly displayed beside a Starbucks cup. Being that I fit most of the traditional white girl stereotypes (PSL’s and Ugg’s), I gave it a shot.

Now maybe it’s because I’m one of the “nice girls” the Betches take every opportunity to mock, but I could barely get through the entire thing. I love satirical humour. I understand that this book was meant to be taken with a grain of salt – but it totally missed the mark.

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Review: Naked On The Run

vscocam-photo-1This first eyeshadow palette I ever purchased was the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and to this day it’s still my favourite product – I use it daily.  So when Urban Decay first posted photos on Instagram of their new Naked On The Run palette, I knew it was a must have.

The palette retails for $64.00 on It includes six exclusive eye shadows, blush, bronzer, a full size lip gloss, travel size eyeliner and travel size mascara. I was drawn to the convenience factor of the product, as I’m constantly making short overnight trips to Toronto and prefer to pack lightly.

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